Custom Console Fridge

Luxury Custom Console Fridge
The best way to keep it all cool in your SUV or pickup truck

What's the coolest accessory for your new SUV or pickup?
The stylish and practical console fridge from Daddy Cool is the ultimate in 4x4 accessories.

We are world class in-cab refrigerator specialists. Whether you’re high in the mountains, out in the desert, on the work site, or just cruising the freeways, now you can have the coolest refreshments always on hand.

Keep everything cool in this large capacity refrigerated console specifically designed for your luxury vehicle. Daddy Cool is the ultimate accessory and the most stylish way of keeping your refreshments cool.

The new Custom Console Fridge gives you every reason to stay cool, everywhere, every time!

Daddy Cool Custom console fridges can be installed in to any SUV or pickup truck and are currently found in Fords, Dodges, Chevrolets and other General Motors vehicles.

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