Customer Testimonials

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“Just wanted to thank you for expediting the purchase and shipping of the Daddy Cool for our truck”

"People often comment on it in my truck - it is kind of tricky."

"People notice it, I have recommended it to some friends with F150s and Suburbans."

"It is a fine product, my customers are happy. They choose it because they want something that works, something that they can trust."

"For the retail price it needs to be flawless and it is."

" I spend a bit on after market - it needs to be both functional and top of the line. Not just stuff to make the vehicle look good."

"It is the first time I've had a refridgerator - used to have a cooler in the back."

"What's best is convenience - having something right in the cab."

"It certainly keeps stuff cool, I put water and food items such as sandwiches in it."

"The unit is great - it doesn't heat up the inside like I thought it would."

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